In Brief:

+About Visiting
Everyone is welcome at Christian Bible Church, regardless of belief or denominational background. Our church is a place where you will be welcomed and wanted: you are important to God, so you are welcome here.
+About Membership
We do not maintain a membership role, so there are no members of our church. Instead, we seek to live in the truth that every Christian is a member of the true, everlasting church, the Bride of Christ.
+About Missions
Missions are very important to our church, rightly receiving much of our energy and finances. We seek to be a church that lives out the four-fold mission given in Acts 1:8, to take the Gospel to our local communities, our region, our nation, and to the ends of the earth.
+About Worship
Worship is what the church is created to do, so we strive to treat it with the importance it deserves. Our worship style is traditional but flexible, with hymns, ancient & modern, comprising the majority of our worship music.
+About Sunday School
We recognize that worship is more than just music, it is also a matter of the mind. Because of this, we offer Sunday School classes for all ages, from infants through adult-hood. Sunday School is a time when we gather to study God’s Word together, enjoying fellowship with one another as we learn. We meet for Sunday school at 9:30am Sunday mornings.
+About Giving
At Christian Bible Church, we encourage all of our regular attenders to support the mission and ministry of the church as they are led by God to do so. Our visitors are our guests, and as such have no obligation to give.


Joshua Benner



Bruce Ristow

Roy Bauer


Deacon Board

Doug Bauer, President

Rich Eisenmann, Secretary

Mike Yergler, Treasurer

John Faber

Dan Bauer